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May 30 2007 02:35 pm


I'm gonna have soem more comics up soon, I'm at least gonna finish this story line before I give up completely, I'm so sorry it's been so long, I've been swamped with work, I promis I'll make up for it.


Mar 28 2007 09:49 pm

We's comin' back

That's right jeopardy with sickos will resume with a tuesday and Thuirsday update schedule, starting April 3rd, so be sure to come in back!!!

Other Stuff
Also, I'm not sure if I pointed out that the first Jeopardy with Sickos compilation is available here

And if you're a fan of manga then you can go check out A bit of Happiness I'm gonna be writing for this series, and I'm so excited to do so.

Feb 20 2007 12:25 am

Link -o- Rama

In case you keep on coming back, hoping in vain for an update, there isn't gonna be one for a while, if at all, but you can go buy the Book if you'd like, or you can check out the teaser trailer for Jeopardy With Sickos: The Movie that's over here or you can go check out the new comic Satan's Wrath, so have fun.

-Michael David-

Jan 04 2007 01:16 pm

No update

I've had a huge family emergency so the time that would have been spent drawing the comic last night was spent in the hospital, expect the comic by Saturday.

-Michael David-

Dec 26 2006 09:43 pm

Schedule Change

an update schedule change, the MWF schedule is still in affect but from now on the comic will be updating in the afternoon, until readership improves.

-Michael David-

Dec 21 2006 05:25 pm

almost there

Come on back on christmas morning to see a brand new comic, then come back again after that for the regular monday wednesday friday update schedule. for now though, if you feel so inclined, go buy some merchandise at the Store.


Dec 17 2006 10:51 pm

button works

Go ahead, push it.


Dec 15 2006 03:45 pm

latest comic

for the time being I am trying to figure out coding to turn the above image into a button rather than just an image, so for now you'll need to click on the "latest comic" button in the nav bar.

edit: Figured something out, now click the link below the image to get to the latest comic, still trying to make the image the button.


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